About Us

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Mesa Art League is an Arizona non-profit art association encompassing art from all angles. Our members are proud of their ability to create master pieces in all styles and forms. These well-traveled artist embrace the states southwest heritage as well as national and world styles. Here you will find classic, contemporary, and abstract artists as well as our famous “Fearless” creators.

Quoting one of our members tells our best story.
Vivian Stearns-Kohler - Art medium: Oil, Acrylic, photography, fused glass, fashion designer and children’s books author:

What do you like most about being a member of the Mesa Art League?
I especially am grateful for the camaraderie and positive atmosphere. At each of the monthly meetings, we have a “snack and chat” that allows us time to mingle and share experiences. Members are quick to inspire and encourage each other, as well as celebrate successes. Some of our members are outstanding teachers, many of whom have shared their expertise in techniques and other aspects of art during the demonstration portions of our meetings, so I am constantly learning.

We are a place to meet and connect with fellow artists for friendship and to exchange ideas about artistic techniques and other creative issues. We are open to all levels of experience and most of all we are growing and expanding our artistic world. As a Mesa based art league with memberships nation-wide, we encourage membership world-wide. Join to receive our latest news and event reminders by email no matter where you live.

For over 75 years, we have focused on our artists, the arts and our Arizona community. Our passion is to the art in our community. Partnering with the Arizona Art Alliance, we service our veterans with three free art classes.

We provide art here:
  • Seniors at Fellowship Hall and the Mesa Active Adult Center
  • Community at Mesa Public Library
  • Hospital at Adelante Healthcare