About Us

Serving Artists Since 1936, We are a non-profit art association and member of the Arizona Art Alliance.

In 1930, Mesa was in the middle of a huge growth spurt which continues to this day. Winter visitors and those seeking a comfortable retirement spot sought out Mesa's cozy mild climate. Attracted by the peacefulness and beauty of the area, a significant number of artists began to make Mesa, Arizona their home. This core population of artists has continued to blossom into the Art League that exists today.

The Mesa Art League is community-minded and has supported the arts, Arizona children, and the needy, through its generous donations since its inception in 1936. The league received its Certificate of Incorporation from the State of Arizona as a non-profit organization in 1955.

The Mesa Art league hosts year-round art events throughout the community, and has a formal charter that works with local schools and retirement homes.

The Mesa Art League is a place to meet and connect with fellow artists for friendship or to exchange ideas about artistic technique and other creative issues. We are an open and friendly group; all levels of experience in various media are welcome and nurtured.

As an active and growing group, this website is helping us join you in the 21st Century! Although we live in Mesa, our potential membership is all over the world! Read our newsletter online and join us to receive our latest news and events reminders by email no matter where you live. Stop by often and come visit us if you are in Mesa!